Frequently Asked Questions


What does LYFE stand for?

Leading Youth with Fundamentals and Education. 

Where does the Academy take place?

Wackford Aquatic Gymnasium located at 9014 Bruceville Road, Elk Grove, CA 95758. 

AS well as Arden Hills Country Club.

Additional locations will possibly be added in the future. 

Who can join?

City LYFE Basketball is here for boys and girl basketball players ages of 5-18. All skill levels and experience are welcome!!

Does City LYFE replace local school teams?

NO. City LYFE Basketball is designed to work in conjunction with the local school teams. 

Is City LYFE a School?

NO. City LYFE Basketball is not a replacement for any local elementary, middle, or high school. Our focus is the teaching in Fundamentals and Education in and around the sport of basketball.

Are you only a trainer?

NO. Although many aspects of our basketball training resemble what a trainer would do.  

City LYFE Basketball's primary focus is to blend basketball education, skill set and application to all participants to advance our members knowledge and ability of the game on and off the court.  

FAQ Continued


How many days a week is the Academy?

Twice to three times a week. This may be changing though to six days a week. 

Are you an AAU Feeder for an existing AAU Team?

NO. City LYFE Basketball does not work in conjunction with any existing AAU team.  City LYFE Basketball has created our own AAU teams through assessment and application through our Academy. 

Do I have to join the Academy to participate on an AAU team?

YES. City LYFE Basketballs core is our Academy, though our program AAU teams are established (City LYFE Elite).

What should the players bring to the Academy?

Players will show up to the gym with the following:

  • Basketball Shoes
  • Basketball attire (shorts & shirt/tank top)
  • Water
  • Sweat shirt or extra shirt (change into after workout)
  • Ball, if players want to.  (balls will be provided by Academy for drills)