Skills Enhancement Training with Coach Nate

Additional information:

Cost when you purchase: 

1 hour ($43.00 Total) 

2 hours ($72.00 Total)

3 hours ($84.00 Total)

4 hours or more ($92.00-More: Total depending on hours selected) 


Sport Court Fitness

3727 Bradview Dr. #100

Sacramento, CA 95827


1130am-1230pm (All Players 10 and Under)

1230pm-130pm (All Players 11 and Older)


Independent Sessions

All sessions will be held at Sport Court Fitness on Sundays from 1130-1230pm & 1230-130pm. Please make sure to schedule your specific time slot. A $43.00 deposit will be charged now, please email JR Vega at to obtain the hourly savings you are looking to sign up for (1-3 hours). Thank you.